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Perfect in cold or hot temperatures, merino wool socks keep feet dry, odour free and fresh for longer.

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Keeping you on the right foot

We expect a lot from our feet, and so they deserve the best socks nature can provide. At NZ Knit Co we take nature’s help and then design and manufacture fabulous socks right here in New Zealand.

Merino wool is a renewable, natural biodegradable fibre and a truly fantastic product for socks.

Our range of merino wool socks have performed over many years on thousands of Kiwi feet, and you can be assured they will continue to do so. Using quality yarn, innovative, proven designs, we have a style of merino wool socks to suit you, wherever you spend your day: at school, in the office or on a work site.

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Nature’s thermostat for the feet

Unlike synthetics, merino is an active fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature. It helps your feet stay warm and cosy when the weather is cold, and cool and fresh when the weather is hot.

School socks in class of their own

Growing feet need support and comfort. We are committed to making school socks better, so we use 21.4 – 24-micron merino wool in all our wool-based socks. The NZ Knit Co range of merino wool socks for school includes Stay Up Technology socks, transition socks, anklets and sports socks that have been thoroughly test-driven on many Kiwi kids’ feet. Get designs for both girls and boys to suit your school environment.

  • Stay up technology: a modern answer to the age-old problem of socks falling down. We’ll help them pull those socks up. A built-in garter provides a comfortable hold that is far less restrictive than a traditional garter – and being built in, there is one less thing for those wayward teen minds to lose.
  • Transition Socks: a modern solution that looks great and can be branded with your school name or design.
  • Anklet Socks: smart and practical, ankle socks are one of the most versatile styles of sock out there. Our lovely merino ankle socks are short enough to keep out of the way, yet they add the right amount of comfort to a busy kid’s day.

No knocking these socks off

Merino wool’s natural elasticity helps our socks stretch with wear and return to their original shape. NZ Knit Co pre- wash and dry our school socks to ensure there is no first-wash shrinkage.

Come up smelling fine

Smelly socks aren’t fun. As well as being offensive, they’re embarrassing. One foot contains 250,000 sweat glands and can ooze about 500ml of sweat a day. That’s a lot for the average sock to deal with. Feet get smelly when sweat has nowhere to go, giving the bacteria that live on your feet a moveable feast. The answer? The right sock.

Merino wool socks mean comfortable fresh-smelling feet; something both teachers and parents will appreciate.

Happy feet all round

Wool breathes in a way that no other natural fibre does. Your feet are kept at a constant temperature, so don’t sweat buckets. What they do sweat is absorbed by the woollen socks, so your feet are dry, the bacteria stay hungry and your feet stay fresh for longer. Merino wool is self-cleaning and doesn’t hold smells or odours. The creatine in the wool naturally breaks down any bad smelling bacteria from the skin.

A range of options

We manufacture in both Merino and cotton so if you have students with wool allergies, please talk to us.

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Manufacturing the best knitwear for you from head to toe.

As a trusted supplier to New Zealand schools and uniform companies across New Zealand, we pride ourselves on our service and product quality. NZ Knit Co – we’re your one stop knitwear solution.

A foot in all camps

Business socks

Not everyone wants crazy colours and designs on their socks and our range of business socks are a staple of every businessman’s wardrobe: smart, practical and comfortable. Our stylish merino dress socks are luxuriously lightweight, soft and lovely to wear; New Zealand Merino wool is renowned for its skin-friendliness, breathability and easy-care durability.

Tradie socks

Built tough and designed to perform – just like the men and women who wear them – our tradie socks are a Kiwi favourite thanks to their comfort and long life. An all-round boot sock for work or leisure, our hard-wearing merino socks are perfect in both cold and hot temperatures, providing both luxury and foot protection.

Our merino work socks have been proven to survive life both in and out of boots and are available in a range of colours.

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