School Jerseys

In New Zealand it is estimated that school jerseys are worn for 30 weeks of the year. To withstand the constant demands placed upon them by the playground exploits of young New Zealanders our school jerseys need to be strong. Bands and cuffs are strengthened to ensure our garments are extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Quality Materials

Using a proven blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon our school jerseys are manufactured to the highest quality, offering warmth and strength in a generous and comfortable fit in a full range of sizes right up to 6XL. The high wool content makes the jerseys warm and hard wearing while the nylon brings strength and long-lasting wear to the garment. All of our styles use at least 80% and 20% nylon wool, we never use acrylic. Our ulitmate school jersey, the Triple Tech garment uses coolmax as well to aid in the temperature control of the garment, meaning effective breathability and comfort for the student. We reinforce every garment by linking the neck trim, meaning a stronger neck, and all cuffs and bands are reinforced with elastic to ensure shape is never lost.  

Design options

As well as some of our standard styles above, we offer various designs of cardigans, vests, zipper jackets and cable jumpers. If you already have a school jersey or scarf we can match the existing design specifications, or you can have our experienced team at NZ Knit Co design and produce a completely new jersey or scarf to compliment your school’s uniform. Stripes in the neck trims, cuffs or body are easy to add and can really enhance a standard style and give your school a striking difference.